(Fascial Mobility & Strength)

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Hand Weights

A Mixed ability Pilates class with the emphasis on getting to know your ‘fascial web’ and how intricate movements can help to alleviate tightness and tension. (Fascia is made up of thin layers of connective tissue surrounding & stabilising every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. It provides internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin).

We start with light bouncy movement to create space energy in the body as we immobilise and warm the joints, muscles and fascial tissues. We will then use hand weights to help strengthen the upper torso, arms and work the muscles of the core.

Benefits of keeping your fascial tissue healthy
* improved body symmetry and alignment
* increased blood flow, which means faster exercise recovery
* reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
* scar tissue breakdown
* reduced risk of injury
* less day-to-day pain
* improved sports performance.