Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Pilates Loop Band, Brick & Rolled up Towel)

A Mixed Ability Pilates routine to create strength in the muscles and co-ordination in the lower body kinetic chain of the Hips, Legs, Knees & Feet. Working from our core centre we will find our ‘balancing muscles’ as we work with the Pilates brick and rolled up hand towel, use the loop band (or tied theraband) around the thighs to add extra strength as the band tensions to strengthen the hips and butt. We will work our upper and lower abdominals with roll up/down, then side waist muscles as we rotate and revolve in a seated position. Lowering onto our backs to strengthen the hips and find flexibility, rolling onto our bellies to strengthen our back muscles and side series for alignment and co-ordination of the legs.