Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Loop Band (alternatively you could use a Theraband and tied) & Weights (1-2kg or tins from your cupboard/water bottles)

High Intensity Interval Training Pilates; working towards a strong back and a firm “peachy’ butt. We begin this workout with a short ‘non-timed’ warm up and then progress onto timed intervals of 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest.

On all 4’s to set up (Feel free to roll the Mat up a few times to create extra padding for the knees/wrists), working the back & butt, down into Prone to continue with the strong back work. We then progress to side series for the butt, hip & leg muscles, whilst maintaining a strong core. Then working on the abdominals/obliques lying in supine & finishing with standing cardio