Our Classes

With a variety of classes, from one to one to small group and online sessions, we make it our mission to provide an enjoyable movement experience to all, regardless of age, gender, background, or ability.

Studio Classes

The Pilates People Studio is a fully equipped and airy studio space located at Lockwood Park, Huddersfield. Our classes include Mixed Ability Pilates, Springboard Pilates, Mixed Apparatus, Barre Pilates, Clinical Pilates, and Somatic Movement.

Live Online Classes

We have a variety of live streamed online classes including Clinical Pilates, Mixed Ability Pilates & Somatic Movement. Our live mat classes give you the convenience of exercising from your own home, or even while you are travelling, while still enjoying your favourite workouts.


Our on-demand library has over 200 workouts for you to enjoy at your leisure, and from anywhere in the world. We have a wide variety of classes from clinical Pilates, and mixed ability Pilates to intermediate, and Barre. On-demand is the best way to schedule your workouts around you, as well as an amazing tool for self-practice.

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates combines simplified ballet movements and conditioning techniques, along with the Pilates to create a low impact workout. It helps to improve balance, sense of mind to muscle connection, proprioception (where the body is in space) and coordination, while toning the whole body, as well as increase flexibility and core strength. Barre Pilates is a safe, effective, flowing workout that creates strong, lean, healthy bodies at every age.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core (trunk) muscles, improving flexibility & mobility, and increasing body awareness. It is based upon the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and follows specific principles to help fulfil the intention of each exercise. Mat Pilates often uses props such as resistance bands, ball, magic circle, to challenge or assist the exercises accordingly. We offer a variety of mat classes including Clinical Pilates & Mixed Ability Pilates.

Somatic Pilates

Somatic movement is a comprehensive system of movement education based on the work of Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. Somatic movements are gentle and slow that focus on the internal sensation of movement, to eliminate chronic muscle tension and pain that is caused by habitual movement patterns. While releasing chronic muscle tension, Somatic movement helps to improve mobility and physical comfort for the long term.

Mixed Apparatus Pilates

Mixed Pilates Apparatus is a circuit-style class that utilises a variety of Pilates equipment including Reformer, Springboard, Chair, Barrel, and small equipment. With a maximum of 4 participants, this class is the next best thing to personal training. This allows your workout to be tailored to your needs and goals, improve your technique and skills with the help from your experienced instructor.

Springboard Pilates

Springboard Pilates is a workout that fuses mat based Pilates with wall-mounted springs and levers. The variety of spring tension, and options, helps to build long lean muscles, while tailoring the resistance to your ability. The Springboard takes your Pilates mat work to the next level, and improves strength, posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination. With a maximum of 7 spaces, our classes offer a personable experience to ensure your needs are met.

Clinical Pilates

Our Clinical Pilates classes follow all the principles of Pilates but are specifically modified to make it suitable for those with delicate bodies, recovering from injury, or have a specific injury or condition, who need more considered exercise.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to master your technique. We will assess your posture and design you a results-driven programme tailored to your specific needs and goals. By training one on one with us it allows us to observe you in detail whilst you are performing the exercises, enabling you to perfect your technique and make amazing progress. We will work with you alongside any relevant other health practitioner to help you gain optimal results. We offer personal training in mat Pilates, equipment Pilates and Somatic Movement.


Our memberships offer a cost-effective way of doing classes regularly, with huge flexibility on class scheduling and no fixed term contracts. And for those who need even more flexibility, we also offer the option of booking classes on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.