Pilates Stretch

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Prop: Foam roller.

This is a full body stretch class with an enthuses on spinal mobility, stretching all sides of the spine. Don’t worry though, as we will be stretching the hips and chest as we move through the spine, and asking our abs to work while we do that.

Pilates Stretch

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props: Yoga block

This is a gentle full body stretch class that puts very little load through your muscles, but you will still leave the class feeling lengthened and strengthened.

Pilates Progressions – The Jackknife

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props: Ball and a towel

Pilates progressions is a class that looks at the intermediate and advanced exercises that may not come up often in a mixed ability class. We look at the objective of each exercise, and any contraindications and modifications that may come up for your body. You will soon build confidence with the intermediate and advanced repertoire.