Small Equipment Pilates – Block & Band

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Block/rolled up towel/hard book & resistance band

This class really focuses on glute & hip activation and strengthening, while challenging the stabilising muscles of the torso with lots of standing work.

Small Equipment Pilates – Shoulder, Spine & Hip Mobility

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller & 2x light weights

This class includes gorgeous movements to mobilise the shoulders, spine & hips. Utilising the foam roller & weights to assist the movements to help increase the stretches. It’s a real feel good class.

Small Equipment Pilates – Mat Reformer

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: x2 Therabands/ x2 Hand Weights & a Chair

A 60min Pilates Class using small equipment use to re-create some of your favourite exercises from the Reformer on the Mat! A full workout predominantly for your core muscles, arms and legs

Small Equipment Pilates – Elevation

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Theraband & 2 Bricks

Feel the energy rise as we are target the muscles in the core predominantly as we elevate & lengthen our bodies standing on bricks; feeling an element of balance from the get-go! Stretching out the psoas & pirformis muscles in the hips as we lunge our way down onto the mat, strengthening the posterior chain of muscles in the back and working the front, back and sides as we work the abdominals and the legs

Small Equipment Pilates – Release & Activate

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller

This class starts with reconnecting with our breath, then coordinating the deep abdominal connection and movement. Working on releasing from neck to hips, and then activating all the muscles of the torso.

Small Equipment Pilates – Easing Stiffness

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Soft Overball & Light Hand Weights

We are targeting muscles of the core, butt, hips, Back & arms; beginning on our knees (Have a soft pad or cushion under the knees, alternatives you can be seated with legs crossed). Will then be seated on out butts with legs extended out in front for mobility work for the spine, prior to lying on our fronts to work on the back and arms. Laying in supine with the ball under the tailbone to work on balance for the core and then onto side series as we strengthen the butt and hips.

Small Equipment Pilates – Stretchy Band Challenge

(Stretchy Band Challenge)

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Long Medium to Heavy Theraband

We are using a Stretchy Band to challenge your entire core (abdominals, obliques and back muscles). Working on posture, alignment, breathing and balance (please note that all exercises can be performed without any equipment or by using a long stretchy scarf you don’t mind standing on).

Predominantly targeting muscles of the core, the butt, hips, thighs and arms.

Small Equipment Pilates – Foam Roller Freedom

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller or soft ball

The perfect balance between stretch and strength to leave you feeling lengthened. There are options throughout for those with delicate spines.

Small Equipment Pilates – Centring Circle

(Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Magic Circle (Can substitute with a soft Overball and Theraband or a folded Cushion and Loop band) and a Pilates Block

Prepare for an exhilerating Pilates workout that challenges your entire core (abdominals, obliques and back muscles) with the Magic Circle. It’s not called the ‘Ring of Fire’ for nothing, option to use a loop band and a Soft Over-ball if you have no Circle (please note that all exercises can be performed without any equipment or using a folded cushion or tins from the cupboard in place of).

Predominantly targeting the core for centring , the butt, hips, thighs and arms will also get a great workout too : )

Small Equipment Pilates – Circle Challenge

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Magic Circle or soft ball & towel

The magic circle creates a burn from the start of this class. Your inner thighs, shoulders and abs will be challenged through familiar and simple movements. You may benefit from a towel for the roll back exercise.