Pilates & Relaxation – Grounded

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Towel/blanket (optional)

This class focuses on awareness from the feet upwards. Awareness is the first part of being able to create change, as we can realise our habits that cause tension and then alter this accordingly.

Pilates & Relaxation – Less is more

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Towel/blanket (optional)

During this class we are looking to achieve all movements with as less effort as possible. Bringing awareness to the amount of effort used within each movement and where we hold our tension.

Pilates & Relaxation – Awareness

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Towel & resistance band

Our perception of where our body is in space (proprioception) can ofter be altered when we get an injury or repeat incorrect movement patterns and posture. This class helps yo bring more focus to body awareness so that we can sense and alter our posture & movement so that is more efficient to strengthening and stretching the muscles correctly.

Pilates & Relaxation – Consciousness

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: soft ball & pillows/rolled up towel

This class will take you through conscious movement in order to recognise the bodies automatic patterns, in order to be able to create positive changes to movement patterns & alignment.

Pilates & Relaxation – Releasing Tension

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: towel, pillow, blanket (all optional)

This class takes you through movements that, performed slowly and with intention, help to release tension in the body.

Pilates & Relaxation – Mindful Movement

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Sitting block/pillow/towel/blanket

As this class works through a variety of positions and exercises, it encourages you to be mindful of where you body is in space and you we can mindfully adjust the body into correct alignment. Energy flow, where the mind goes.

Pilates & Relaxation

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller

A gentle class focusing on alignment with the intention of using as much effort necessary, but as little as possible.

Pilates & Relaxation – Breathe

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Towel/pillow

This class explores breathing with visualisation throughout to enhance the mind, body element. It also helps to move only with as much effort as needed.

Pilates & Relaxation – Posture & Space

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: None

For this class you will need some wall space as we work through postural alignment in standing. The entire core will be worked as we work in standing, supine, in all fours and side series. We will work on improving posture and finding space in our joints and work on developing flexibility in our hips : )

Pilates & Relaxation – Roll & Relax

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller/soft ball

This class focuses on using the roller to help release muscles and connective tissue of the hips, spine, head and neck. Finishing with a Ocean wave guided relaxation.

Stretch & Relaxation – Focused Attention

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Pilates Block (can substitute with a book/cushion)

A 45 minute workout to stretch, focus on breathing and enjoy a relaxation/meditation to bring the workout to a close. Aiming to stretch out all the muscles in the body with an element of weight bearing to strengthen the wrists and stretch the forearms/upper arms.

Pilates & Relaxation – Creating Space; Mind & Body

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Resistance band, towel, blanket

Looking to create space in the mind and the body, this class leaves you feeling lengthened, mobilised and relaxed. We will focus on the shoulder, hips & spine, while connecting with your core muscles which creates an anchor point to lengthen from.

Stretch & Relaxation – Full Body

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Soft Overball & Medium Theraband

A 45 minute class that concentrates on deep Pilates stretches – 35 minutes of stretching and ten minutes meditation/relaxation. Predominantly for the hip and shoulder muscles with added rotation to work into the obliques, abdominals, side and back muscles.