Mixed Ability Pilates – Obliques

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class working with the emphasis on the obliques for strength and length, this is a full body workout comprising of mobility, flexibility and strength.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Core & Hips

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: optional towel

This class focuses on small movements to challenge your ability to maintain a good core connection, even when working the hips.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Back to Basics

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Resistance band

The fundamentals of Pilates are the foundations of all of the exercises- this class focuses on exactly that. When alignment and activation of the muscles is correct we get maximum benefit from our workouts.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Proprioception

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Towel, ball & block

This class focuses proprioception, which is the ability to sense the body’s position and movement in space. Using props is a great way to help enhance this.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Back Care

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class working on the neckline and bringing mobility through the spine for back care – flowing through the exercises to feel mobile, strong and supple. Targeting all muscles in the body.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Rock & Roll

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Foam roller

We will be working on shoulder mobility and stability to work up to side planks and challenge it more by using the foam roller. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Spinal & Hip Mobility

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class working on spinal and hip mobility – feel more stable, lengthened and flexible as you work through some classical Pilates exercises mixed with a more contemporary feel. Always working the abdominals with the emphasis on the obliques.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Strong Core

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Resistance band & block

This class uses the block to challenge the oblique slings and the band to challenge the shoulders and hips.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Creating Space

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class to feel and create more space in the body and feeling grounded. Working on a balance of strength, mobility and flexibility, this class will give you a ‘feel good’ factor!

Mixed Ability Pilates – Ace Abs

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class to challenge the abdominals and obliques to help achieve ‘ace abs’ with the series of 5! Find length and strength with a simple side series with the option of challenging it a little further to work the hips, outer and inner thighs.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Strong Hips

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: None

This class starting in standing and finished on the mat. It includes some balance work and loading one hip to strengthen the muscles that support the pelvis, spine and knees.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Restorative

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: None

A mixed ability class with the aim of being restorative to the body and mind – being kind to yourself as you move throughout simple and classical Pilates moves – predominately for mobility & flexibility but as with all Pilates classes there will be an element of strength especially around the core as we have a simple balance challenge.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Standing Weights

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: x2 light/moderate weights

This class work focuses on mostly standing work with dumbbells. Standing is a great place to challenge posture against the forces fo gravity. We will work to strengthen the shoulders, postural muscles of the torso, & hips.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Hands, Wrists & Hips

Instructor: Jane Howarth | Props: Spiky Ball & Loop Band

A mixed ability class with the emphasis on a combination of mobility, strength and flexibility of hands wrists and hips! Can be a challenging workout in places but well-balanced with ‘time for you’ also. Pilates will always work out your core well (front, back & sides) and we will also concentrate on the hips too.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Shoulder & Hip Workout

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Resistance band

This class targets your shoulder & hip muscles, creating more challenge with the resistance band. All of the exercises can be done without the band if you wish.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Activating the Seat & Back Strengthening

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: x2 Hand Weights & Soft Overball

A mixed ability class using a couple of hand weights to improve your upper back strength; targeting all the muscles including the mid-back where it tends to have less strength. Emphasis also on improving the muscle tone of the butt as you ‘activate your seat’. As always this class will work your abdominals and obliques : )

Mixed Ability Pilates – Feel Good Workout

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Soft ball

This class leaves your body feeling set for the day ahead, or helps to release tension at the end of a day. Working through an equal amount of mobility and stability, using the soft ball to aid more movement. Although there is spinal mobility, those with spinal conditions can still take part, enabling less range of movement.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Dumbbells

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: 2x light weights

This class encourages lots of shoulder & pelvic stability, and awakens the postural muscles. Using the weights to challenge our ability throughout. You can choose not to use the weights whenever it feel appropriate.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Posture & Core

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Medium Theraband

A 60minute mixed ability class to improve your posture and strengthen the core inside out. Abdominals, obliques, and back muscles will be worked predominantly alongside the arm and leg muscles

Mixed Ability Pilates – Functional Movement Patterns

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Block/rolled up towel/book

This class focuses on improving the strength and flexibility of all the muscles involved during activities like walking, jogging, running, as well as functional movements such as squatting and lunging.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Lean Limbs & Strong Torso

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Small Rolled up Towel

A Mixed ability Pilates class with the emphasis on lean limbs – Exercises the immobilise, lengthen, strengthen & tone your arms, wrists, legs & ankles…. Every muscle in the body!

Mixed Ability Pilates – Fascial Mobility & Strength

(Fascial Mobility & Strength)

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Hand Weights

A Mixed ability Pilates class with the emphasis on getting to know your ‘fascial web’ and how intricate movements can help to alleviate tightness and tension. (Fascia is made up of thin layers of connective tissue surrounding & stabilising every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. It provides internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin).

We start with light bouncy movement to create space energy in the body as we immobilise and warm the joints, muscles and fascial tissues. We will then use hand weights to help strengthen the upper torso, arms and work the muscles of the core.

Benefits of keeping your fascial tissue healthy
* improved body symmetry and alignment
* increased blood flow, which means faster exercise recovery
* reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
* scar tissue breakdown
* reduced risk of injury
* less day-to-day pain
* improved sports performance.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Mobility & Control

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Soft ball

This class works through mobility of the spine and hips, and then challenges their strength and control by adding layers to the exercise.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Playfully In Sync

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Spiky Ball, Cushion, Foam Roller, Hand Towel, Block, Brick & a Sock)

A Mixed Ability Class to help find even weight distribution and balance… We begin by enjoying a foot massage using the Spiky Ball and then test our powers of balance using the props! Balancing between strength, flexibility and mobility and giving the core muscles a really thorough workout.

Mixed Ability Pilates- Lower Body Kinetic Chain

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Pilates Loop Band, Brick & Rolled up Towel)

A Mixed Ability Pilates routine to create strength in the muscles and co-ordination in the lower body kinetic chain of the Hips, Legs, Knees & Feet. Working from our core centre we will find our ‘balancing muscles’ as we work with the Pilates brick and rolled up hand towel, use the loop band (or tied theraband) around the thighs to add extra strength as the band tensions to strengthen the hips and butt. We will work our upper and lower abdominals with roll up/down, then side waist muscles as we rotate and revolve in a seated position. Lowering onto our backs to strengthen the hips and find flexibility, rolling onto our bellies to strengthen our back muscles and side series for alignment and co-ordination of the legs.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Opposition

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: Soft Overball (can substitute with a rolled up Towel or folded Cushion)

A Mixed Ability Pilates routine to leave you lengthened and invigorated as you work through Pilates exercises working with gravitational pull & opposition. Resulting in feeling taller with long elongated limbs.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Pilates Flow

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: None

This class focuses on the flow of movements from one to the next, layering in different movements to create one whole sequence. The movements aim to stretch and lengthen the whole body.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Calming Strength

Instructor: Jane Howarth
Props: None

A calming Mixed Ability Pilates class to develop strength in the torso (front, back and sides, aiding sculpted abs). In this class you will improve shoulder strength and find elongated muscles in all four limbs alongside full body mobility to keep you supple.

Mixed Ability Pilates – Feeling Lengthened

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Towel

This class layers exercises so your can choose your level of intensity, while exploring the sensations of lengthening out of a joint and feeling the stability. It definitely leaves you feeling stretched.

Block Burner

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Block or hard book