Delicate Bodies Pilates

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props: Towel

This is a slow and controlled paced class that as an emphasis on lumbar pelvic stability. This workout is especially suitable for anyone that has osteoarthritis in their hips or lower spine. There is a selection of exercises that help to strengthen the hip and lower back area, and also improve mobility in the joints. Strength and mobility exercises help to reduce symptoms caused from osteoarthritis.

Delicate Bodies Pilates

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown

Todays class is a somatic experience. This workout is an exploration of movement and how it feels as opposed to how it looks. You need to keep your mind connected to your body throughout, but you will feel the benefits by doing so.

Delicate Bodies Pilates

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props: an open mind

In this class we explore the movement method of somatics. This is a method of training that helps to release tension from your muscles. You will be amazed at how mindful movement can change the natural resting tension of your muscles. We love it and we know that you will too!!

Delicate Bodies Pilates – Shoulders

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props:Band, pilates ball, block or book, and massage balls. This class works on both shoulder mobility and stability. It takes a very gentle approach, and works on restoring movement, and improving strength.

Delicate Bodies Pilates

Instructor: Jane Linden-Brown | Props: small ball

This class is a gentle mobility class for the spine. You will ensure to work the spine in every movement plane that the spine is capable of doing. Joseph Pilates famously stated that you are only as young or as old as your spine is flexible, so this will potentially knock years off your age 😉

Delicate Bodies Pilates – Hip Strength for OA

Instructor: Jane Linden – If you have osteoarthritis of your hips then this is the class for you. This class offers safe ways to strengthen your hips whilst working to a pain free range of motion. This is also a good class to build strength in your hips for anyone who hasn’t got OA of the hips.

Delicate Bodies Pilates – Massage Balls and Stretch

Instructor: Jane Linden
Props: 1 x massage, 2 x massage balls in a sock & pilates ball

This workout is very gentle, slow and controlled, but we work to release tension through muscles, and then lengthen the muscles. Theres not a part of the body left untouched.