Clinical Pilates – Mindful Core

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Towel

This class focuses on the muscles of the core thought the whole class. These muscles include the transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, multifidi and diaphragm.

Clinical Pilates – Opposition

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Towel

The towel is just optional during this class if needed for support. You will change the bodies stability as well as mobility, leaving you to feel balanced.

Clinical Pilates – Upper Body

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Towel & block

This class focuses on strength and alignment from the wrists, forearms, shoulders and back- touching on modifications as needed.

Clinical Pilates – Moving from the centre

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: small ball & towel

This gentle class reinforces moving from the centre as well as only using the amount of effort needed. There’s plenty of gentle rotation to mobilise the spine.

Clinical Pilates – Pelvic Stability

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Block, resistance band, towel

This class focuses on pelvic stability in standing and on the mat, which challenges the deep abdominal muscles as well as the hips.

Clinical Pilates – Hip Mobility & Strength

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: Soft ball & resistance band

This class works through mobility and strength of the hips. Using the band & ball assist mobility exercises to free the hip joint. We will then come to standing to strengthen the muscles of the hip.

Clinical Pilates – Ribcage & Spinal Mobility

Instructor: Laura Firth | Props: block/rolled towel/pillow

This class explores movement of the ribcage during breathing and while mobilising the spine. It a great class to feel released and help to improve posture.

Clinical Pilates – Spine & Pelvis

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Resistance band

This class focuses on alignment of the head, neck, spine & pelvis- releasing tight muscles, bringing awareness to the breath and ribcage placement, while strengthening the deep postural muscles.

Clinical Pilates for Knees

Instructor: Laura Firth
Props: Rolled up towel, loop band or resistance band tied into a loop

The focus of this class is the knees; looking at correct alignment, how the ankle, foot and hip positioning can change knee alignment. Also working through stretches and strengthening exercises to help maintain an ideal lower limb alignment.